For companies we provide a specialised service

We carry out collections with a higher level because we understand the importance the occasion deserves.

Your clients are our clients and our clients are the most important for us, so we take the utmost care of them.

With personalised invoicing and detailing of all services rendered, we offer easy cooperation and extra comfort.

We will be happy to organise your company trip, company excursion, company transfer, transfer of your employees or clients and event transfers – we are your solution.

Ask us for your budget without obligation

We provide this service because our greatest desire is the total satisfaction of our client.

Superior service and care

When it comes to events and there are a lot of people to be transferred, we help you with the coordination at no extra cost.

We provide you with a specialised person from our team who will be waiting at the pick-up location with the list of people to be picked up to ensure everything goes as planned.

Ask us for your budget without obligation.